One Month Later, Do People Still Play Pokemon Go?

After a month when the augmented-reality game Pokemon Go took the world by storm, the question still remains, does people still play the game?

The answer is YES, yes they are. But the number of people who is still playing have dropped drastically after a lot of disappointments in updates, cheaters ran rampant and became permanently banned from the game. Not to mention the increasing crimes and accidents relating the game.Many are still continuing their Pokemon journey to be the very best trainer out there.Are you still playing?


In this generation, the lifespan of a mobile game is short, one day its the most famous game around the globe, the next day,it’s not. Pokemon Go was undeniably an international phenomenon but its popularity is starting to crumble when Niantic doesn’t have any updates yet to get their players attentions back. Pokémon Go has lost more than 12 million active users since its peak of just above 45 million in mid-July, according to Apptopia data summarized in a Bloomberg report.

So what does the remaining millions of players still doing in the game?


Well, if you really want to be the very best until the next update comes in, do the same ting they’re doing: maxing out their player and pokemon levels. I guess grinding on rattatas and pidgeys was the only way, if you’re too patient on doing it, why not…

The second reason was the interaction of players in their local community, gyms are specifically located in popular areas like malls and parks, so what a better way to multi-task than playing while shopping right?


The next updates to come was speculated to be a big one, some was mentioned to be the “trade” , pokemon-type incense,pokemon buddy, but no legendary revealed yet. So we will have to see if the rates of players goes up or crumbling down.


Are you still playing Pokemon Go? Leave a comment below. 



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