The Different Kinds of Titan You’ll Meet in Attack On Titan Series

The Attack on Titan series was a big hit for anime fans, and the mysterious race of giant humanoids mainly known as “Titans” are becoming popular. Those freakin giants hunt down humans for fun! Not for food, they make pleasure killing humans.

In the whole series, we meet a lot of different titans, but most fans probably didn’t care much on what’s their difference since they’re all just giants. But no, they are actually different from one another and they would love for you to meet them:

1. Colossal Titan


The most famous Titan among them all. The colossal titan was the very first titan seen in the series, with a 200 feet long height, it is the largest titan who breaks through the wall effortlessly. You would easily remember him since he is the 60-meter tall skinless horror, with a disproportionate body.

2. Armored Titan

maxresdefault (4)

“What …is that thing?”
It’s just another titan actually, but has an advanced strength and agility than the others. He is like the linebacker of the football team. The dramatic first debut of it was a pure bad-ass moment.

3. Rogue Titan


Yes, this is the titan form of Eren Yeager, you can easily recognize him with the long black hair and a skull-like face.It doesn’t really have a lot of abilities but can become a titan-killing rampage.
4. Female Titan


The only titan thus far that has a female body shape, with a boobs of steel and more deadly than the others, she literally enjoys killing humans. Enjoy the fanservice of a woman with NO SKIN.

5. Dancing Titan


Those large pupils really look scary.. This titan is noted for climbing and swinging around like a primate. It looked like a witch turned into a titan. It almost look like Eren Yeager’s Titan form.

6. Smiling Titan


What is he smiling for? Look at that hideous smile! It never stops smiling, and by God, is it creepy. Its even creepier watching it killing humans and still cracks that smile.

7. Talking Titan


A 6 meter Titan encountered by Ilse Langnar that displays the most unusual behavior, like uttering a few words. A titan that can talk, doesn’t really lie seeing humans though.

8. The Gargantuan Titan


Rodd Reiss’ Titan form, it is twice as large as the colossal titan with disproportional head,legs, and arms (smaller than the body ).His body is so hot he’s practically on fire.

9. Abominable Titan


The most obvious-looking and the most easy to identify, a titan that looks literally like a giant Sasquatch. It’s an abominable titan!

10. Sawney and Bean


Are they twins? Maybe. They are the pair of titans which are captured during battle and was used as test subjects for research by Hange.
There were also titans seen on some episodes like the peering titan, the bearded one, the quadrupedal titan, and so much more.

Which titan do you like best?Leave a comment below.


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