“Project Wight”: RPG Horror Game To Bring Out the Monster In You!

In the history of video games, monsters have always been the villain, the prey and the hunted. But on the latest teaser trailer of the newest game “Project Wight”, nobody expected what’s coming for us.

“Project Wight” is the latest game released by an indie developer “The Outsiders”. The indie developer was co-founded by industry veteran David Goldfarb, former lead designer for DICE on games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. The Outsiders have shown how large their ambition is for a debut game and it is clearly seen from the trailer itself. As their official website says: “An enigmatic, subversive group of misfits look to challenge everything you know about RPGs”. I would say it’s totally outside the box but they succeeded on grabbing our attention.


So what is this “Project Wight” all about?

“Project Wight” is an open-world RPG horror game set in an early Viking-era alternate history. Oh no, you don’t play to be a “Viking”,instead you get to play the other side, the monsters. You get to take on the role from the very young quadruped creature mercilessly hunted by humans trying to survive and grow up to become more proficient in combats. How cool is that? You will finally experience being the monster and battle against humans!

Project Wight has taken a unique spin from the games we used to play where we get to kill the monsters, and now, its time to focus and be the ruthless killing monster you can be( on the game that is). The game is powered by Unity game engine. The inspiration behind Project Wight was taken from Monster movies, heavy metal album covers, even the 1815 epic poem Beowulf.

“Almost the genesis of this project was, 20 years ago, when I read John Gardner’s Grendel, which tells the Beowulf epic but written from the point of view of the monster.” said Goldfarb..
Aside from the sneak peek of the game trailer, there’s no further details given about the game.Project Wight is no ordinary RPG you’ve ever played before! It is now time for us to discover the compelling world of misfits and you will never look at them the same way ever again.

Watch the latest teaser game trailer here:

What do you think about it? Leave a comment below.


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