Anime Life Lessons That Everyone Needs To Know

Aside from a ton of silly things everyone can learn from anime, not all people around us understand why we keep watching it even if we are already considered “ADULTS”. The commitment we give to our favorite anime and the fandom of millions of fans are just  light reasons why we love anime.

Yes,yes- there are certain anime series that taught us some things are meant to happen in anime only such as falling onto a woman’s face first into her pillow-y breasts or controlling a complicated military machinery which is best operated by young children. Those are impossible in real life, but there’s more to anime that meets the eye.

Anime is filled with life lessons, it’s up to you how you apply it in real life:

Anime has taught us to not hold back for an adventure.


Where would Luffy be if he never pursued his dream of becoming the best pirate? Where would Gutts be if Griffith was not there?(Oh wait, forget that one) Would Lucy become stronger if she didn’t join the Fairy Tail Guild after meeting Natsu?

Taking risk is dangerous, but if you believe in yourself that something amazing will happen if you do it, then do it!

Anime let’s you explore and learn things about Japan.


If you love the “Land of the Rising Sun” Japan, there’s no freakin way you wouldn’t love anime. Most locations you would find in any anime series was inspired by real life places located in Japan, the food they eat is also found in Japan. And to make it even better, you get to learn the language! Watashi-tachi wa anime ga daisuki desu! It means “We love anime!”

Anime teaches you that sometimes ‘You Have to Let It Go!’


There are things we want to have, things we want to do that are not just meant to be. Anime has taught us to let go of those things and accept the fact that there is more to life out there and all you need to do is find it.

Life is better with a fuzzy bestfriend beside you.


You are never alone, every person needs something or someone who would annoy you to death but will never leave you no matter what.

Intimacy can lead to changes, good and bad.


You have to admit it, anime has taught you the secret move to get that girl! Although not as smooth on how they turned out to be in anime but at least it gave you a pretty good idea what happens when you mess with the wrong girl.

What did you learn in anime? Leave a comment below.



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