Transformers: The Last Knight Official Trailer Shocks The World!

Yes, the official first trailer for the movie Transformers: The Last Knight has been released and the fans are left shocked after watching. If you missed the latest trailer, you definitely have to get a rain check to what happened because I was just speechless. Optimus Prime and the Autobots are back in action but this time, things are about to change for the humans.

spoiler warning

Paramount has promised sweeping changes for the Transformers franchise by the time Transformers 5 rolls into theaters. For a start, the first official trailer just gave us a glimpse of what could possibly happen on a war between flesh and metal.


From the last Transformers: Age of Extinction (which earned a lot of money even though they were dragged down by the critics), Optimus Prime left the planet to find the “Creators”, and this time he found more than what he’s looking for.

“Optimus Prime finding his home planet, Cybertron, now a dead planet, which he comes to find he was responsible for killing. He finds a way to bring the planet back to life, but in order to do so he needs to find an artifact, and that artifact is on Earth .”


Mark Wahlberg will reprise the role of Cade Yeager working hand in hand with Lt. Colonel William Lennox (reprised by Josh Duhamel), and to what kind of war are they against now? That’s for you to find out soon. But it was revealed that the movie will explore the history of the “Primes” (you’ll get to see more fire-spitting T-Rexes, and a submarine Transformer?). The villain for the upcoming movie has not been revealed yet but we pretty much have a tiny idea of who it is…

Transformers: The Last Knight is scheduled for release on June 23, 2017, which I’m sure will bag alone all the earnings they could get since we haven’t gotten any competitions in the horizon during that day but changes are still possible. Expect a spectacular gun actions, blowing up buildings, loud explosives, and a dead Autobot? Wait, what??


Check out the latest first trailer here:

Tell us what you think about this upcoming movie and leave a comment below.


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