The Best Anime Heroines of All Time!

In the world of anime, fans have the tendency to look at female characters as main characters for fan service and waifus with no backbone for the whole series. Not all female anime characters go stranded in an abandoned palace and patiently wait for her prince to come rescue her. Oh no, female characters have evolved a long way from just being cute and princessy. Instead, they became the deceptively powerful heroines we all loved and idolized.

I am bringing you a list of such amazing heroines who defy tropes and prove they’re more than beauty and brains. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon

Any anime fan knows her name, if a quintessential shojo heroine is what you are searching for, I present to you Usagi Tsukino, the star of the famous anime Sailor Moon. She fights against extraterrestrial evil with their Sailor Scouts cohorts.

2. Saber – Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night


A heroine equipped with insane strength and battle prowess! In the beginning of the series, most fans would define her as an ultimate Tsundere due to her cold exterior and strong personality, but this heroine has a more warmer side.

3. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan


Who says anime girls are a bunch of damsels-in-distress? You don’t want to mess with this heroine. Her prodigal battle sense in the Attack on Titan series, marked her name being one of the most popular heroines in anime.

4. San -Princess Mononoke


Mononoke actually means a Spirit/Monster Princess. San is a young woman who was raised by the wolves and feels hatred for humans, but eventually comes to care for Ashitaka. She is a true heroine of this historical fantasy anime from Studio Ghibli and one of the masterpiece of Hayao Miyazaki.

5. Erza Scarlet/ Titania- Fairy Tail


In terms of strength and power, Erza Scarlet is one of the strongest wizards in the Fairy Tail series, she uses all her strength to protect everyone she loves and she will do anything to defeat the people who gets in her way.

Did we miss your favorite heroine on the list? Well, give us your list of the best anime heroines of all time and let’s share it for the rest of the anime fans to see.

Who is your favorite anime heroine and why? Leave a comment below.


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