“Kong: Skull Island” Latest Trailer Will Make You Go Bananas!

Just when you thought that King Kong was done after climbing the highest tower ten years ago, he is back for more ladies and gentlemen. Yes, Kong is back! And he is not alone this time!


No, it’s not a remake of the same Kong climbing tower, beauty killed the beast movie, this one is different. And by different which means we will finally see the origins of the humongous ape.

“Kong: The Skull Island” new trailer debuted last Wednesday night. And my god it was something you would definitely have to look out for!


“A team of explorers and soldiers (Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman) ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island to run it down with bombs and explosives to help map it, confronting extraordinary creatures along the way. What a good idea to discover a place you’ve never been to right?

But you never mess with someone’s space unless you’re trying to pick a fight right? That’s just bananas! They soon learn from bearded island-dweller John C. Reilly, that “Kong is King,” it turns out that they’ve entered a situation on something to bite off more than they can chew. You wanna know why? Because Kong is not alone, a bunch of creepy devils lurks on the ground which Reilly calls as “Skull Crawlers”.

What is this Skull Crawlers? Imagine an offspring of a dog skeleton, a crocodile and Gollum (My precioussssss…..remember?), and move as creepily as Samara from “The Ring”, crawling out of the TV (only faster). Now that is scary!


We would definitely think that the bunch of soldiers and explorers would realize it’s a suicide mission and they would just run away from the island and forget what happened, too late for that. They decided to go on as planned and look who decides to give them a warm welcome (NOT)? King Kong! He is not happy with his new visitors, oh no sir, he is super mad. It’s a place where science meets the myths but do you think that beauty will kill the beast this time? We will see…Watch the latest trailer here:

More spoiler ahead:

Remember the monster-hunting organization Monarch from 2014s Godzilla? The script of “Kong: The Skull Island” will contain connections regarding that organization. And you know what that means? The King of the Apes and The King of the Monsters (King Kong Versus Godzilla) is not far from hitting the big screen soon after the Godzilla sequel is released. Oopps…

“Kong: Skull Island” opens in theaters on March 10, 2017. So mark that calendar!


What do you think about it? Leave a comment below.





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