The Death Note Version of PPAP Song is Creepy and Hilarious!

Did someone just say apple? Who else in anime world is going crazy over apple? Well, no one else but Ryuk, your favorite Shinigami in the hit anime series Death Note. Do you want to know what Ryuk is up to this time?

Everyone who’s active on social media sites especially Youtube and Facebook have heard the song PPAP(Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)of Piko Taro. It became an Internet sensation in just a flash with over 150 million views on Youtube—people are going crazy over it.


Not everyone was into singing nor dancing the PPAP song, but you would see a lot of cover made by fans. One character in particular has made rounds over the internet and anime fans around the world either love it or hate it— it’s Ryuk’s version of PPAP!

After the successful release of the live-action film Death Note: Light Up the New World, this must be the “dance of success” from Ryuk as thanks to the fans that went viral over the Internet.

I really can’t understand how I felt watching it, it’s kinda creepy but funny, and the CGI effect used for this video is totally life-like. I just wished I knew whose name he is writing with the PPAP on the Death note.



What do you think about Ryuk’s PPAP version? Leave a comment below.



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