Horrifying Oppai Moments: Biggest Boobs You’ll Ever See (NSFW)

Anime has a very unique way of showing off a woman’s anatomy from head to foot. Sexy, plain, fat and even funny figures are always present in any anime you watch. Anime boobs are awesome in anime, they make the perfect size that even a girl from the real world could not achieve. But there is also one thing that anime does perfectly well that it dries up your eyes and turns off the mood for watching it again.giphy Those extra extra extra large boobs! I mean, how many people out there even liked seeing this enormous boobs? It’s too much, why do they even have to make it so big that it could fill up the whole screen. Hentai can be excluded for it but its still no excuse for making these over the top size boobies. Come on! Why not just make it extra large?Not triple extra large. I hate ruining your glorious oppai moments but this might just be a fair warning for others to give them a good idea of what they’re about to see if they watch the anime. This will definitely be the anime with the biggest boobs you will ever see:  

1. Manyuu Hikenchou JYFVR Most of you wouldn’t be familiar with what this anime is about. To make it short, Chifusa Manyuu is capable of a technique known as Breast Flow, which allows her to control the form of breasts and thus allows her to enlarge or reduce breasts. Not only her breast but for other women as well.  


2. Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete hqdefault Looking at one huge breast is already too much, but a whole group of girls who looks too young to even grow such big bust? It doesn’t make any sense.Did I mention they’re 6th grader girls? Yes, they are. Sixth grader with huge boobs!  

3. Queen’s Blade 647bac49b51f0a630d508512ba972983 To be specific, have you seen the size of Cattleya’s bust? How does she walk straight with a huge size like that?  

4. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 3c3 There was no problem or what so ever in the anime except for the Episode 4 which was totally surprising to see an inflated super-large boobs of a cow-girl. All she wanted was a hug, but would you hug that?  

5. Meiko Shiraki from Prison School tumblr_o4swecZnw51sbqrlmo2_500 She is over-endowed with the woman figure, and I mean too endowed on the bust size. She wears an open shirt revealing her cleavage too much that it gets scary. If you want to get whipped and punished by a big-busted woman, she’s the one you are looking for…       Who do you think have the biggest boobs among them all? Leave a comment below.    saiko-plus-download

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