Strongest Face-off: Laxus Versus Raikage


For this face-off, we’ve taken the strongest masters  the of art of lighting control and pitted them against one another. Let’s take a look at Laxus Dreyar versus “A” Raikage! Let’s start the face-off!

Laxus Dreyar is one of the strongest member in the Fairy Tail guild. A dragon slayer who controls the power of lightning, he is the grandchild of Fairy Tail guild master, Makarov.


On the other corner, we have A, the Raikage. He is the Kage of Kumogakure in the Naruto series. He can create a layer of lightning chakra around his body. Raikage is an extremely powerful shinobi.


In terms of speed, Laxus has a hyper sonic ability that uses lightning to increase his speed leaving his opponents unaware of his attacks. Raikage also has immense physical speed, he is able to intercept an opponent with his speed being fast enough to create after-images of himself confusing his enemies.


For strength and durability, both have shown intense power upon their battles with stronger opponents.

When it comes to range, Laxus has the upper hand since he can use lightning to strike his opponents from a hundred meters away whereas Raikage tends to use close combat against his enemies.

In using lightning, Laxus  uses bot his his hands and his mouth. In some episodes we see him lose control and his whole body is surrounded by lightning. Raikage on the other hand, uses chakra that can create layers of lightning that surrounds him.



In terms of experience, we occasionally see Laxus in battle but we know that he doesn’t enjoy losing. With Raikage, he’s obviously more experienced( in addition to being older of course), he took part in two of the great ninja wars in the Naruto series.

Raikage wins in close combat battles and Laxus is superior in terms of range. Since Laxus is a dragon slayer, he can eat lightning to heal himself which is a very handy ability when it comes to battle.The only disadvantage we know between these two is that Raikage has a short temper that can cause him out to act recklessly with regards to certain matters. Nonetheless, Laxus has motion sickness and his lightning can be redirected by metals.

I have never seen Laxus use his full power before but if we base the winner according to the advantages they have in battle, Laxus is our victor!




Which side are you on? Laxus or Raikage and why?Leave a comment below.


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