Pervert Face-off: The Most Deviant of Them All(NSFW)

Mirror,mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest pervert of them all?


Before we start the face-off, let’s be honest, they are the molding images of ultimate perversion in anime world. Looking at sexy women alone could be a low-class kind of perversion, but these two takes it to the next  level. They are wise and smart when finding ways to get a chance to take a glimpse of those boobies and panties. The list of perverted male characters is longer than your Christmas wishlist but these two are the ultimate “Kings” if we base it on polls.


Issei Hyoudou is the main protagonist in the popular anime series High School DXD. Aside from being creepy in school, his habit of fantasizing naked women is beyond compare. His first girlfriend suddenly kills him, Rias Gremory brings him back to life as a devil of her own clan and becomes a member of the Occult Research club. Issei started from the bottom working as “pawn”. Unlike the others who thrived to become stronger and powerful, his goal is different, to rise into a high-ranking devil so he can gather his own servants and create his own harem and become the “HAREM KING”.


How do his perverted actions separate him from the rest? He uses his power and invents himself an array of techniques to feed his urges of perversion. He invented the “Dress Break” that allows him to strip the clothes of females after coming in contact with them. In addition, he invented “Bilingual” or the breast translation, which allows him to talk to the breasts of females. You’re a smart pervert, Issei!

And now his opponent, Tomoki Sakurai

He is the main protagonist in Sora no Otoshimono or Heaven’s Lost Property series. Tomoki is an extremely perverted high school student who creates peepholes, an expert in all things lewd for the sake of perversion. He is bold and resourceful in finding ways to harass women. If you’ve read the manga, Tomoki has the ability to shoot a powerful laser from his genitals (not shown in anime). The biggest inspiration who made Tomoki the ultimate pervert he has become was his grandfather. In the series, he cares for Angeloids who obey whatever he tells them to do – an ultimate pervert’s dream come true!

Issei Hyoudou and Tomoki Sakurai can be considered the ultimate perverts of anime. But even if they show nothing more than doing pervert things, a lot of the female characters in their respective series have shown love and affection for these two. They have different styles to achieve their goals of becoming the “pervert king”, but it all goes down to only one target – women.




They are the ultimate idol of perverts in the anime world, but there should only be one King to be crowned….


Who do you think it should be? Leave a comment below.




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