Mulan Live-Action Movie: Over 90,000 Fans Sign Whitewashing Petition

Walt Disney’s famous foray into Chinese history,Mulan, is receiving a live-action adaptation.

That’s right folks, one of the most famous and well received animated films might be ruined by a live-action version. While media speculation and rumors are already rounding the internet about the upcoming live-action movie of “Mulan”, with most of it being negative…I hope it might work well in the end.

There is an ongoing online petition where fans are demanding Disney and the rest of the production team to make the “Mulan” live-action movie right. The petition was to prevent the whitewashing of the movie and it has gained 90,000 signatures. Aside from the whole script being changed, some of the characters will also change.

Fans have voted that a true blue Asian cast is the best way to go with the movie, as the story is Chinese to begin with.




According to reports, Fa Mulan’s partner Li Shang will be portrayed by rising Korean star Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun). His role as Capt. Yoo Si Jin or Big Boss from Descendants of the Sun makes him a perfect fit to play the role of Li Shang. His role was a bit tough and strict.

However, the actress to play the role of Fa Mulan is still in question, who do you think will fit the role perfectly?

Since the speculations about the actresses that will play the role of Fa Mulan is making quite a fuss on everyone, I have listed a few actresses that I think would make a great Fa Mulan.


One actress on the list to play the role is Park Shin Hye. I have never seen her play feisty roles or action movies, but she’s a talented actress so we would see a whole new Park Shin Hye if she will be chosen to play the role.



Another actress is Juju Chan, best known for her role in Netflix’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. A professional Taekwon-Do and Kung-fu athlete, I think she would make a great Fa Mulan.



Asian American actress, Jamie Chung is another good choice. She’s well known for her feisty character in the TV series “Once Upon A Time”. She had roles in many popular movies. Just look at the image below. She’s ready to be Fa Mulan, eh?


Finally on the list is Arden Cho, best known as Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf. Her Kitsune (were-fox shape-shifter) role on Teen Wolf has shown how badass she is and the fighting scenes were very nice. She does look like Mulan, but just a little bit. What do you think?



Disney has not revealed any updates about their plans and the casting choices for the upcoming live-action adaptation, it’s still up in the air. One thing we know is that the movie is scheduled for release on November 2, 2018.
So, who do you see in the role of Fa Mulan? Leave a comment below.




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