A Tribute to One of the Most Depressing Moments in Anime Films

Classic anime films never failed to bring out the emotions in our heart, and one particular anime film has done a job well done on breaking every boundary of mankind to “not cry” on an anime film, especially when it was produced by Studio Ghibli.

I hate to ruin your happy day but with chaos caused by war on some countries like Syria going on right now, this movie came up into my mind and I just want to share it to everyone…


Hotaru no haka (Grave of Fireflies) is a classic anime film released in 1988. Most of you haven’t had the chance to watch the movie for sure but for those who did, try to hold on to those handkerchiefs. You can watch the trailer if you want to get a good look of what the movie is like..

Hotaru no haka (Grave of Fireflies) is a story of orphaned Seita and his little sister Setsuko, two Japanese children whose lives are ravaged by the brutal war. They have lost their mother, their home, and the prospect of a bright future—all tragic consequences of a single air raid during World War II.

Beset with starvation and hunger living under a safe tunnel, they’ve met the cruelest and apathy of adults along the way. And due to starvation, Seita tried everything he can to provide for Setsuko and him , not to mention stealing from someone’s farm. Despite this problems they are facing, their youthful hope shines brightly in the face of unrelenting hardship, preventing the siblings from swiftly succumbing to an inevitable fate.


Most part of it totally broke my heart, every minute detail of the movie made it more depressing, you couldn’t sleep at night if you think about it.

Desperate to find food for his sister, Seita sets off to the town to look for food. Setsuko, on the other hand was growing weaker and weaker, until she couldn’t fight it any longer…Yes, she died in starvation waiting for her brother to come back. Poor child.


Other people don’t see the other side of what war has brought to the innocent people, especially to our children. Hotaru no haka (Grave of Fireflies) shows it very well and is on point of how cruel war can become. And with conflicts of war going on in our world today, someone out there is going through the same thing as Seita, a 14 year old boy trying to save his little sister Setsuko, a 4 year old girl from the damages of war.
Excuse me for a minute, I need to grab some tissues. Share with us your most depressing moments when watching anime films.


Which anime film left you heartbroken and why?




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