Ash Gets A Facelift in The New “Pokémon Sun and Moon” Anime

The Pokemon anime series has captured our hearts since it first aired in 1997. That’s 19 years of pokemon adventures to be exact. Aside from the different pokemons we get to see and discover on each Generations, one character has always been the center of attention all throughout the series, Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japan).

Pokemon - 001 - IL001 - Pokemon! I Choose You! [DVD][PM-Dragon-x264-AC3][AAE81590].mkv_snapshot_08.56_[2016.05.09_21.07.41]
The pilot episode of “Pokemon: I Choose You!”
In the new Pokémon Sun and Moon anime, many fans awaits the new adventures in Alola region. After the release of the augmented-reality game Pokemon Go, the anime series gets a promising huge fan-base around the world. Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series will be released worldwide in November 2016 but the first brief footage for the upcoming anime has been released recently and its really surprising than the other ones.


In the new Pokémon Sun and Moon , the premise of the new series shows Ash going to school in an intent to graduate and train to be the very best as he always does.


Yes its nice to see that the Pokemon series tries to get a new art style and I compliment them for that. But honestly, the new look of Ash is just way too different. Looks like he just got a facelift after all that adventures in the past regions. Ash Ketchum gets a more fluid character with a softer face, bigger eyes and overall youthful appearance. What is my problem with that? Well, the “always a 10 years old” appearance of him from the past was already acceptable to many but his looks in the new series just made him look like a 7 years old.

Ash Ketchum’s New Look in Pokemon Sun and Moon


We have a lot of informations leaked regarding the new series, new starters was already revealed a few months ago, mega evolutions was rumored to be included too. Many fans was hyped and excited for these reports but the new footage just killed the “feels” out of it.



For the new fans of Pokemon, nothing would seem different. But as a fan watching the series since I was 7, I would say that Ash must have made a cameo over a Ghibli movie and loved his looks he just kept it as it is. Many speculations say that the Pokémon Sun and Moon game and anime is a major reset for the Pokemon series. So we would expect a whole new different approach on how Alola region would change the life of Ash aside from his face. Let’s just hope for the better I guess.
What do you think about the new Ash? Leave a comment below.

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