Hunter X Hunter Fans: Is It Time To Let Go Of This Epic Series?

There’s no doubt that Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular anime series that we grew up watching. Even after a very long hiatus awaiting for it’s comeback, fans were still hopeful to see Gon and his friends back on our televisions.


Yoshihiro Togashi, the 50-year-old manga artist behind this popular series has gone through various medications since 2006 due to his back pains. It was then revealed Yoshihiro Togashi has a birth defect called Spina Bifida, where there is an incomplete closing of his spine and membranes around the spinal cord. Due to this condition, Togashi was advised by the doctors to take a full bed rest and avoid doing activities that could trigger the pain. This was also the reason of having multiple breaks on the manga ever since it started. Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 is the last one to be published and will possibly become the ending of the whole series.


Spoiler ahead!


Chapter 360 – Parasite
While interrogating the other bodyguards, Kurapika reveals that the true nature of the voyage was a succession war between the princes of Kakin. Several guards admit to being aware of this, and also confess to not being fully aligned with Prince Woble. They explain that 7 bodyguards were assigned to keep tabs on Woble; one from each higher-ranked queen.

The Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 manga gave us more reason for false hopes. Why? It is super delayed! Again. There were even reports that Viz Media will cut ties with Yoshihiro Togashi so he can concentrate for a full recovery.


Hunter X Hunter manga had so many breaks since it began serialization way back 1998, the anime series started airing in 1999. It has definitely been imprinted to our hearts and to every anime fans out there especially you too. We have followed the long journey of Gon and Killua, met new people, hated enemies, we were by their side from the beginning, so it is really disappointing for it to end in such a cliff-hanger.


There were also speculations that Yoshihiro Togashi will withdraw from the manga series, so Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 might be the very last one we will ever read, if all of this is true, Hunter X Hunter will now belong to the awesome anime series in the past decades that never got the chance to get a new season, or at least reach its ending. We do hope that Yoshihiro Togashi recovers very soon and still continue what he started for Hunter X Hunter. All the fans are eager to find out what happens in the end.


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