Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: Outrage Fans, Bloodiest Season, And The Sluggish Production

Fans outrage over the latest reports circling the internet for the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. Certain reports have stated that the production is currently receiving a lot of scrutiny due to the sluggish pace for the production of the third season. And to make it worst, the possible changes on Ken Kaneki’s character is being considered.

Madhouse, the production team for Tokyo Ghoul will fast pace the anime due to a good reception from it’s manga series. The latest season will stick to the manga, after receiving a lot of negative reviews from the fans in the second season showing the anime deviated on its original story. The latest season will only air after the production of its live-action film which is scheduled for release on summer next year. No wonder the fans are losing hope for it. I would rather see the third season than the live-action if you ask me, who is with me on that?


The changes regarding Ken Kaneki’s character on Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will possibly put the main character as the “antagonist of the series”. What a clever way to give the series a good plot twist right?It might be interesting!-Sarcasm. I don’t really see the point why they need to make him the antagonist.

maxresdefault (1)

If you liked the last two arcs of Tokyo Ghoul, you will possibly love the third one( if they will even release it). Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 was one of the most requested anime per fans demand and putting “Tokyo Ghoul” manga placed at the 10th most purchased manga.The third arc will feature a lot of gore and more violence such as throat slashing with no censorship on the said scenes. Yay!


The 12-episode first season of “Tokyo Ghoul” aired on July to September 2014 while the second installment aired on January to March 2015. for the third season, hopefully next year, fingers-crossed.


What do you think about it?Leave a comment below.


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