Pokemon GO Releases New Update: The Pokemon Buddy System

The augmented-reality game Pokemon Go was no doubt the most popular game ever released this 2016. The unprecedented number of people who played the game was way bigger than what Niantic’s have expected.

And after 2 months since the game was released, the number of players started to decrease due to the lack of updates, and limited activities you can do in the game. Many speculations was circling the internet that the game won’t last for long, just like all the other games we played. But according to Niantic Labs, they’re just getting started. We are still on Generation 1 of pokemons in the game,that’s not even close to a half of the pokemons there is.


Recently, the release of the new update “buddy system” was actually a good tactic from Niantic to get the players busy again. So how does this buddy system work?

Players will finally experience the “Ash and Pikachu” relationship. That means that each player can finally choose their favorite pokemon to walk and run beside them on their journey. Your buddy pokemon doesn’t only work as your companion, it will also be busy gobbling candies as you rack up the miles of walking and running.


This new update was the answer to the concern of most players, evolving their pokemons. Imagine catching a lot of magikarps in order to get 400 candies to evolve it into a Gyarados. That’s a lot of candies. With a buddy system, this problem will finally be solved. Or  not?

A pokemon buddy helping you collect candies is a good and fun way for you to get them but there is one big issue about this update, it works like hatching an egg. Yes, you need to cover a certain amount of distance to obtain enough amount of candies you need. As soon as you start walking, candies are generated every KILOMETER and it is the Pokemon buddy’s job to pick them up.

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In relation to this concern, Pokemons doesn’t get the same amount of candies in order to evolve them. For example, a Magikarp you want to evolve, since a magikarp candy will only appear after walking a kilometer and it needs 400 candies to evolve. You will need 400 kilometers of hiking to get 400 candies just for one pokemon! So you better think over it again and again before you choose which candy to collect.

Activation of pokemon buddy is done via the trainer profile which can be found on the bottom left corner of the screen. There is a “buddy” button in the three bars in the bottom right corner. Tapping it will open a Pokemon list wherein players can choose which one they wish to partner with.



Already tried the buddy system? What do you think about it? Leave a comment below.


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