Most Powerful Naruto Villains That You Need To Know

Each person would have different opinions of who is the best, the strongest and the most cunning, so let’s not argue with this one. But I assure you these villains were the most popular and get an easy landslide win after fans made their votes.

Naruto has come a long way in the anime world and it has become one of the favorite anime of all time around the globe, the most popular even.

Before we get on the chit-chats about who is the best Naruto character, let’s start off with the villains, shall we? In no particular order, here are our top 5 villains:

1. Orochimaruhokage-orochimaru-hokage-dream-naruto-antagonist

Who agrees with me? Orochimaru is the most sadistic, selfish, and probably the perfect figure of pure evil. Indulges himself while experimenting on people (not to mention kids) and would go as far as killing a whole village just to pursue what he wants.He is extremely strong and highly knowledgeable. What made him an interesting villain throughout the series was because of his past and how he transpired to become obsessed over power. He looks scary and terrifying when he turns himself into a snake.

2. Pein/ Nagato Uzumaki


Well, his past was sufficiently horrific for anyone to not understand why he turned out to be so evil. Not only he is strong, but he is really intimidating and mysterious. And he even proclaimed himself as God, how bad-ass is that?

3. Madara Uchiha


If beating the five Kage single handed is not evil for you I don’t know what will. He is totally cunning, intelligent, and superbly intimidating. “Never mess with an Uchiha.”he said, that’s like the equivalent of “I’ll be back! “.

4. Itachi Uchiha


Killing people is really bad, but committing a massacre of your clan is the worst. He is so intimidating that the opponent he faces off shows hesitance and extreme caution. But inside this powerful villain lies a soft-loving heart for his brother Sasuke, whom does not feel the same way and just wants him dead. Of course, what would you expect from a young boy who witnessed his clan being massacred by his older brother?

5. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki


The strongest among them all, but no the smartest one though. As the progenitor of chakra, she can control almost everything. Shift trough dimensions, regenerate wounds with ease, she is powerful than any other villains in the Naruto series,although Naruto managed to tricked her many times thus making her not the smartest.


I would also want to give credits to Tobi, Kabuto, Hidan and all the villains who made the series so awesome.
Who is your favorite villain in Naruto and why? Leave a comment below.

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