Anime Characters Who Never Grow Old But Make You Feel Less Younger

The long-running series of anime we used to watch for years have already grown up like the man they need to be, so proud of you Naruto!

But honestly, was there a fountain of youth involved in some of these anime that they still look a bunch of 10 year-olds and now you’re even too old to watch it? Immortals? I don’t think so…

1. Ash Ketchum
Can I get a hands up for this fellow? Twenty years later, aside from always losing in the league, Ash Ketchum still looks like your youngest brother. Come on Ash, what happened to growing up?! Well, his clothes have changed, let’s give him credits for that.


2. Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudou
A seven-year old kid who is even smarter than the professional investigators in the series, but his not “aging” self is totally understandable since he was already a seventeen years-old boy who was dose with an experimental drug (which was supposed to kill him) and turned into a seven-years old. I wonder what was on that drug…


3. Gon Freecs
HunterXHunter has been in hiatus for the latest episodes but after 7 years since its first release, Gon Freecs is still the 12 year old boy we used to know. He fought many and trained hard, but he still haven’t aged a bit.


4. Killua Zoldyck
If your friend doesn’t get old, why not include you? Killua is Gon’s best-friend in HXH series, his mind is probably the obvious thing that’s getting mature…

12216951_f520 (1)

5. Nobi Nobita
If anyone of these boys should look older among all of them, Nobita is the most obvious pick. Doraemon series was aired since 1979, but until today, you will see Nobita the way he is on the very first episode,still weird.





Do you know any other anime characters who didn’t really age over the years? Leave a comment below. 


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