The Mind-Blowing Origin of the Titans in Shingeki no Kyojin

Fan theories can be mind-blowing sometimes that the chances they are true is very high. And with a very popular series like Attack On Titan, there’s no excuse on these fan theories, especially on the origins of the Titans.

Titans are the primary antagonists in the Attack On Titan series. They are the mysterious race of giant humanoids over a 100 years ago and rapidly exterminated humanity to the point of near-extinction. Their origins are still a mystery even at this point in the story.


Titans are compelled to seek out and devour humans for reasons currently unknown except they are doing it for fun. Titans don’t have the digestive organs like humans.


spoiler alert


Spoilers ahead, please read in discretion:



It was revealed that the Titans were normal humans, a serum was injected to humans, which eventually transformed them into the mindless mass-murder making Titans they are now. It was not revealed to what the serum was exactly made of but rumors say they’re made of spinal fluids, which evaporate when it touches the air. The investigation by Hange Zoe revealed that the captured Titan was once been Connie Springer’s mother.


But as the transformation goes, things don’t go well for all Titans, some would develop strong abilities and good physique while others develop disproportionate part of the bodies ,mindless, and just over the top gross to look at. It was speculated that the Titans transformed by humans depend on their capabilities to cope up with the serum. Imagine how Hulk transform from human into the green monster, the same goes with the Titans, except it’s not their clothes that get ripped apart but their organs, and even worse, their skins.


But why are they devouring humans for fun? That’s a really good question. If you’ve noticed how the Titans ignore everything else except for humans. Here’s why: Titans can gain abilities by eating Titan-shifters such as Eren Yeager, once a Titan eats a Titan-shifter, it will be able to go back to its human form and can freely become a Titan whenever he wants to. But Titan-shifters aren’t really a sack of rice for everyone to share, thus, the Titans race towards the wall devouring anyone they come across with hoping to find luck of eating a Titan-shifter.


Once they eat enough humans they really didn’t need digesting, they vomit all of it and get back to business…eating more humans.

The mystery on the Titans found inside the walls is still not revealed. But it was theorized that these Titans are the “good” ones who protect humanity from the other Titans, we still have to figure it out though in the upcoming seasons.

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