Top 5 Most Unforgettable Deaths on Anime!

Its really hard to bear “THE FEELS” when a sudden death of the characters you’ve grown attachment to has happened. Anime can really get the emotional aim it wants to give to the audience and that feeling when you just don’t care to cry in front of your friends or family right after you see it.
And on the world of anime, deaths can also be unexpected. Unexpected in a way we never see it coming,or we never realize that the character will die sooner or later. Ever had that feeling when you watch it die,you just wanted to smash the television so hard releasing your anger for giving you the saddest feeling you never expected?I did!
So let me share you the saddest deaths of anime characters who never failed to shed tears into my eyes,and I hope they made you cry too.Here they are:

First one was Portgas D. Ace of One Piece,he did what any good brother should and took a smoldering hot fist through the chest for his little brother. Luffy almost drove himself mad for his brother’s death. This is one of the most epic deaths of the best character there is in anime.

Second is Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad: After Story was one of the female characters I’ve grown attachment to but darn it why does she have to die?(sorry for the language).The fact that she died while giving birth to her and Tomoya’s daughter is the thing that pushed me over the edge and made me just cry.


Itachi Uchiha‘s death, yes I do think he was one mad big brother during the whole series but that’s the point! He lived a life of a traitor, but died a hero who protected his brother and his village.I have to not watch Naruto because of this in a whole month!


Next in my mind is Jiraiya from Naruto, the most perverted teacher there is but the best one they ever had. The sad reality where his brutal death was on the hands of his own students is just too much for me.

maxresdefault (1)
The death of Lelouche Lamperouge of Code Geass was even sadder.Yes he did die my friends!He died where the only person crying for his death was his sister,Nunally. The fact that he plays the part of the bad guy throughout the whole anime to purposely get people to hate him, only to plan his own death at the end so that the world doesn’t know who to hate anymore,THE FEELS!!




Who has the saddest anime death you think there is?Leave a comment below.


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