Attack On Titan Game: Story Goes Beyond Season 1 Anime

We have to admit, as Attack On Titan fans, its really frustrating to be hyped hearing reports for Attack on Titan Season 2 and hit rock bottom when we learned that it was just rumors.

There were believable reports that the chances are high for being true. But yet again, they are still just rumors.


So, in order to kill the “boredom” of waiting and waiting for the Attack On Titan Season 2, why don’t we look at the bright side of what we never even know -is already here.

The Attack on Titan game was just released earlier this year in Japan, the game is finally coming to the Westward at the end of August to give AoT fans from the West a good game of full packed Titan killing action!The game is slated for release on Aug. 30 for PS4 and for Xbox one.


The game was developed by Omega Force. The team took time prototyping the very complex Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear setup used in the host manga and later anime adaptation, as they knew it was integral to making the game work. Yes, the “Omni-Directional Mobility Gear” you see in the anime which defined the high-flying action sequences. This allows the characters to launch themselves into the air and quickly zip anywhere they want to.

You might be so pessimistic right now that they wont pull it off but Omega Force actually did got it right and it created a perfect resemblance from what you see in the anime.


And of course, each of us have a favorite character in mind that we would love to play in this game, the good news is- you can pick your team! Cadet Corps, Scout Regiment, Military Police Regiment, Garrison Regiment and Titans. The Cadet Corps includes Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Conny, Sasha, Jean, Annie, Ymir, Christa, Reiner, Bertholdt, Marco and Keith. The Scout Regiment squadron consists of Levi, Hange, Eld, Oruo, Gunther, Petra, Moblit, Erwin and Miche. You name it, they got your team.

aot_new_trailer-1200x675The game also features an advance gameplay that fans will definitely love. The characters have been featured on different scenarios and the storyline goes beyond the first season of the anime. It also introduces new elements from what happened later on. So you might get a chance to get a glimpse of what could possibly be the next story for Attack on Titan Season 2. How? The game publisher has just recently released a brand new trailer for the game, revealing new Titans like the gigantic Armored Titan and the Beast Titan.




What do you think about the game? Leave a comment below.

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