Top 5 Anime To Watch With Your Bestfriend

Anime teaches us life lessons that we could learn and apply in our life, but on every anime you might have watched over the years, there’s always that one popular value that anime never forget to show: FRIENDSHIP. We have a wide variety of best of friends in anime, from childhood friends to man and monster bonds. But for this list, we will give you the list of anime that doesn’t limit the bond of being close friends with their main protagonists but also with the people who surrounds them. This is my personal favorites and I would love to see your favorite list of anime that portraits friendship at its best.

1. Naruto

If you would have an anime with a lot of best friend to write down, no one would ever skipped Naruto series, they have the never ending list. But the best among the list is no doubt the bond between Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Their bond might have come to a point of fighting each other to death but the friendship they have will  always win at the end of the day.


2. One Piece

Argh! Never question the loyalty and honor of pirates with their friends. Luffy D. Monkey and his friends stand out among the rest and their adventures in the high seas is the witness. No matter how worst the crew was into, they can always pull through any difficulty as long as they see their friends are behind them all the way. Just like what Luffy used to say, “You are my NAKAMA!” Nakama means friend.


3. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

You might think of girly things and dramatic scenarios when you see the title but its way too far from that.This anime shows that friendship can start in different situations and for this one, the worst situation any person wishes not to be in is what made the bonds of the characters go deeper.Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin follows the seven cellmates as they struggle together against the brutal suffering and humiliation from the sadistic guard and the doctor who violates them instead of treating. But their will to be free and see each other in the outside world is stronger.



4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

And speaking of harsh situations , in the world of alchemy where self-empowerment and backstabbing crowd, having friends will get you through each day and FMA shows the best bond of friends there is.


5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail does not only show the bond of friendship but also how your friends could be your family. Helping each other no matter what it takes, all the craziness any best friends would do. This anime is totally a must watch with your best friend.



What anime did I miss on this list ? Leave a comment below.


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