GODZILLA Finally Gets an Anime Adaptation

The popularity of Kaijus among anime nowadays have been receiving less attention and was put aside for a very long time. And one particular kaiju who was made famous all over the world with its ferocious looks and destructable size have never made it to the fame of being an anime. The King of Monster himself, GODZILLA (mostly known as “Gojira” in Japan) was surprisingly ignored over the years of having the possibility to get an anime adaptation or feature its own anime.Why not right?


First reported by Anime News Network, TOHO Ad. Co., Ltd has officially registered for the domain name, “Godzilla-Anime.com.” Their application was submitted on August 2nd, following the very successful release of Shin Gojira – OR Godzilla: Resurgence – in Japan. The new film opened on July 29th and was prompted by the overwhelming success of the American Godzilla film back in 2014.


With the latest Godzilla Resurgence or Shin Gojira movie which have already hit the theaters of Japan last July 29, the movie is being planned to invade the U.S theaters later this year. The announcement was made on Funimation’s Twitter though there was no exact date given at the moment but we expect to see it some time in late November or December. Shin Gojira is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju film – a live action science fiction monster movie featuring special effects. It is the 29th Godzilla film produced by Toho. The title of the movie upon its release in the U.S. will be “Shin Godzilla”.

The King of Monster truly made a huge comeback this year after being out for a while. Last year, would you believe that Godzilla has become an official resident of Japan? Yes, they do that. You can check his recidency papers if you don’t believe me.How awesome is that?

It reads:

“Name: Godzilla

Address: Shinjuku-ku, Kabuki-cho, 1-19-1

Date of birth: April 9, 1954 (the year of the release of the very first Godzilla film)

Date of becoming a Shinjuku resident: April 9, 2015

Reason for special residency: Promoting the entertainment of and watching over the Kabuki-cho neighborhood and drawing visitors from around the globe in the form of the Godzilla head built atop the Shinjuku TOHO Building.

Previous visits to Shinjuku Ward: 3 times; Godzilla (1984), Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991), Godzilla 2000 Millennium (1999)”



Well, Godzilla surely made a huge impression over the history of film making and we expect no less on the anime adaptation of the famous kaiju.



What do you think about Godzilla? Leave a comment below.


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