‘Battle Nations’ and More Z2 Games Sets to Shut Down

The long running game Battle Nations and all other Z2 games you know has finally reached a finish line. The company has formally announced that they are officially shutting down the game, most of the games are already pulled out on App Store and the shut down for the servers will be done by late September. Other games include Metalstorm: Aces, Metalstorm: Online, Nitro, and Trade Nations. These games are free to purchase and download on the App store.


The most common reason for the shut down was clearly because the games was abandoned instead of being improved. Most of the games no longer got updates for almost a year like the Battle Nations, and Metalstorm: Online went 3 years without any released updates.


The player base of the mentioned games was not happy upon learning about the announcement, the forums regarding the shutdown was flooded with angry mob comments. One comment stated that he would never spend a single penny on the developer ever again. It is no surprise to see them angry and disappointed, who wouldn’t? For someone who spent so much time playing the game and losing real money for purchases, I would go nuts if I was one of them. How would you feel?

maxresdefault (3)

Many games are now getting a lower rates of player downloads and purchases ever since the latest released games such as Pokemon Go have become more popular and is making a huge profit on a worldwide basis. Sooner or later, we might see another list of games making announcements for shut down. Who is still playing Angry Birds? Clash of Clans? Oh well, for Battle Nations game fans, I guess the battle finally ends here.




What do you think about this announcement they made? Leave a comment below.


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