Pokemon Finally Gets Live-Action Film With Legendary

After the phenomenal release of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that lets you capture virtual Pokemon in the real world locations. The latest news confirms that the long-time animated series Pokemon will finally get a live-action movie. Coincidence? I dont think so..


Legendary Entertainment has won the rights to a Pokemon movie and is partnering with the Pokémon Company to launch the first live-action Pokemon film franchise with a “Detective Pikachu” movie. Detective Pikachu is a new character in the Pokemon universe, introduced through a video game in Japan. Detective Pikachu’s storyline focused on the iconic yellow electric mouse teaming up with a boy named Tim to search for the boy’s missing father. It’s unclear whether the live-action version will have an identical or even similar narrative. If the movie gets the Detective Pikachu theme, does that mean we won’t be seeing Ash Ketchum in action? That’s a bummer! But if Ash is in the movie, I wonder who would play the role perfectly?Hmmm…


Pokémon was introduced in Japan in 1996 and has sold 279 million video games worldwide with 21.5 billion cards shipped to 74 countries, and an animated series spanning 19 seasons. The recently Pokemon Go app dominated the world of mobile gaming but will the live-action movie gets the same chart-breaking welcome as well?

Details regarding the upcoming live-action movie are being kept under the wraps by Legendary Entertainment but they added that the film will be fast-tracked for production to start in 2017. We will have to wait for the details regarding this upcoming live-action movie sooner or later…


Universal Pictures will handle distribution of the live-action film outside Japan as it has done with Legendary’s other films for years. The Pokémon Company’s long time movie collaborator, Toho, will handle distribution of the film franchise in Japan, as it had similarly done in its partnership with Legendary on the reboot for the Godzilla franchise.

It is very exciting to hear that Pokemon will finally get a live-action movie but somehow there’s a huge stepback on the expectations about it, live-action films from animated series doesn’t really sell out with the fans ( the records doesn’t lie). But after the release of Pokemon Go (which will probably reach the rest of the world before the end of this year), the Pokemon live-action film will surely become a big hit…


What do you think about these latest news?Leave a comment below.


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