Hunter X Hunter: Sequel Is NOT Coming Back On Anime

The hiatus of Hunter X Hunter made fans crashing down to hopeless speculations that the return of Hunter X Hunter manga will no longer be in reach, but it did not disappoint us. And its return was a spectacle that any Hunter X Hunter fans have been waiting for years!

But recent rumors are running around the social media and anime websites, a revelation that no one would want to hear just came out from nowhere.


Yes, manga is always a good read to everyone, but we all know how cool the anime would totally bring the story to life and make it even way better than the manga especially to Hunter X Hunter,right?. And after the huge comeback of Hunter X Hunter manga, what does the world wants? Its return in anime!

Hunter X Hunter already made a legacy through its huge success in manga and anime world, it is one of the anime that should not be undermined. Even after the hiatus of the manga it still maintained its dominance in line with the best animes we have today.


The high expectations of fans to finally see Hunter X Hunter return on our televisions is now rumored to NEVER come true. And these rumors of the cancellation in progress has resulted into unenthusiastic viewers and followers. The rumored hiatus is once again threatening the stability and record of Hunter X Hunter. According to Movie News Guide, chapter 361 might not appear despite the strong expectations.

All the fans are starting to worry and wonder on wether the long awaited return of the series will either come to its end or render its appearance. But one thing is for sure, this rumored news is a HUGE disappointment and heartbreaking.


After these rising rumors and no official statements being released to answer these questions, uncertainties and doubts is surely making its way to make us believe that the Hunter X Hunter anime series is NEVER coming back. “Hunter x Hunter” is constantly battling time and consistency. It is not just the present episodes but the former chapters have been rumored to undertake postponements as well, so its not surprising if sooner or later we get a confirmation on this rumors or never hear any updates for the anime series ever again.

But for now, all we can do is wait,and wait. And expect to see another anime legacy fade away without a worthy ending….


What do you think about these rumors? Leave a comment below.

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