High School of the Dead Finally Gets Season 2

Yes, High School of the Dead was reportedly going to have a Season 2 after a very long hiatus ( 6 years to be exact). Fans of the immensely popular anime series finally got the green light they have been waiting for.


High School of the Dead was originally written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shoji Satō. But the reports regarding the second season was said to be under the production of a US-based Anime Network since the Japanese authorities are reportedly apprehensive about adopting any more storylines in the light of a zombie apocalypse.

Earlier reports have also claimed that the new season is already on the works but further details are still hidden including the release date. But speculations rife that the High School of the Dead Season 2 will be released later this year.


High School of the Dead was a Japanese zombie-gore manga and anime series which became popular not only for the action and horror it brings to their fans, but also the ecchi purposes. Every chart of top 10’s in being the best ecchi and most sexy always have the High School of the Dead on their list.

For most fans who doesn’t know anything about these series,”Highschool of the Dead” is set in present-day Japan and takes after a group of high school students – Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto, Kohta Hirano, Shizuka Marikawa and Saya Takagi – who tries to survive the worldwide catastrophic event known as the Outbreak.


Japan’s Madhouse Studio, who produced and covered the first season of the series did not release any answers regarding to these reports yet ,nonetheless if its renewed or cancelled , we should hear their confirmation sooner or later. For now, avid fans of the ecchi-gore anime series will have to wait in agony.

The reports and rumors regarding the second season of High School of the Dead started to flood in the internet after a 2 minute long trailer of the second season began streaming on the web. I know most of you already lost their hopes that a second season is far out of reach after the anime was gone for 6 years already and the chances of the second season is growing slimmer by the minute, but these reports might bring the spark once again.


What do you think about these news? Leave a comment below.



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