Berserk Warriors Will Air this July 2016!

Berserk is back once again to spread darkness in anime world but ten times better than its first release in 1997. Berserk is the first anime adaptation of the long-running, ongoing seinen manga series published in the bi-weekly magazine Young Animal created by Kentaro Miura in 1989. It has gained popularity with its dark fantasy genre, with its unique medieval theme exploring the gruesome demons, horror, adventure, supernatural, action and romance in one show. It is truly not for the fainted-heart fans to watch, especially now that the new and latest Berserk of 2016 gives a promising new look and more intense than ever.



Slam in the chunk of steel.

“That night” is coming again. The “night” of battle where the “Black Swordsman” roars—

As the pinnacle title for (Japanese) domestic dark fantasies, “Berserk” has been a smash hit comic that leaves an overwhelming presence in the Japanese entertainment market..
A new anime series based on this title that boasts immense popularity overseas as well as within Japan finally begins serious production.

Fueled by flames of passions burning within his heart, Guts the “Black Swordsman” continues his endless journey of revenge. Before him stands merciless outlaws, obsessed evil spirits, and pious Apostle of god.
Against enemies that wield dreadful superhuman strength, Guts keeps challenging himself into battle with powers as a human – with only his trained body and honed skills… even if it means he shaves his life away to do so.
What awaits him at the end of his journey?
The answer is merely within the “night”.
Strain one’s eyes, and gaze into the darkness…


Old and new characters has been revealed and our old time favorite protagonist Guts a.k.a Black Swordsman is back to continue his journey only for revenge. The characters include:  Puck (a cheerful,open-hearted elf), Farnese , Serpico, Isidro, Casca, Azan, Griffith, and much more.


Berserk’s first episodes has been received well by fans during its first premiere and appears to hold a far more greater show than its incarnation way back 1997. The unlimited showcase of gore in the series will surely bring fans cringing than the last one, so be prepared!



What do you think about it? Leave a comment below.


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