Top 5 Worst Censored Anime of All Time!

We do understand that anime has widely influenced one generation to another that even as young as a 10 year-old boy or girl loves watching it. And no one could ever prevent the fact that even in the brightest time of the day, most anime channels show the genres of anime NOT SUITABLE for kids like ecchi and gore.

So, to be able to prevent the minors( under 18 years of age) from being able to piss their pants from horrifying scenes( glorios boobs and flying limbs), most animes have been applied with black censors to prevent it and still be able to air the anime even in broad daylight.


But not everyone is pleased with this black censors going all over good scenes, especially the generation of 18 years and older, it’s just anime boobs right? But there are animes that doesn’t seem to know where and when to put the black censors it ruined the whole excitement, so bad you just don’t want to watch it anymore. These are the top 5 worst censored animes that totally got ruined because of black censors:

1. Tokyo Ghoul
If you are a huge fan of gore, being able to watch the censored version of this anime is your worst nightmare. From chopped off limbs and even the not so scary stabs from a knife is censored, what is the worth of the anime being gore if you cant even get a glimpse of guts and blood all over the freakin screen?!


2. Terra Formars
Terra Formars follows the struggle between humans and roaches for supremacy on Mars. The manga is actually a thousand times better than the anime, but anime is exciting right? Not for this one, the black censors are over used to the point its so distracting and annoying. It seems that blood and gore is getting the blunt end of the censorship stick, but other things are not.


3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures
This anime is an example of black censors flying the wrong way, what is wrong with Jojo smoking cigarrette that it have to be censored? Like honestly? And you can still even see the outline of it which makes the black censorship to not make any sense of being there.


4. To Love Ru
Ecchi and harem at its best, with the story of course. But for the fan service moments, not so much. Sorry boys, you’ll be blinded by the white light beaming against the glorious boobies and panties that you’re looking for.


5. Pupa
Pupa is one of the worst and the most outrageous black censored anime you will ever see. The black censorship on this anime is worth as turning off your television and just imagine what’s happening, there’s too much black censored parts of the screen its better of not watching it.

pupa yume censored anime scene

What do you think about it? Leave a comment below.



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