Gotta Catch Them All:Pokemon GO is Now Rolling Out for Android and iOS!

The most awaited Pokemon GO is now officially invading the Android and iOS devices. Many fans of the long running Pokemon series (which has became a childhood dream for any of us who grew up watching it) can now become the pokemon trainer they have always wanted to be!

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that lets you capture virtual Pokémon in real world locations, has launched on Android and iOS. For now, it’s only available in Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, but a worldwide release in the UK, US, and other territories is expected within the next few days.Pokémon Go is a free-to-play game where players are tasked with capturing Pokémon hidden out in the real world. It uses a device’s GPS and camera to display Pokémon on a map, and players must then explore their local area to capture different breeds. There’s nothing more exciting than that right?


People are going crazy walking from every path looking for any possible pokemon in the area just like how Ash and his friends do it.There’s a twist, Pokémon will be exclusive to certain parts of the country, meaning that players will have to trade or travel to where that Pokémon is located. For instance, Water-type Pokémon will only be visible by lakes and oceans, while PokéStops that let you stock up on Poké Balls (the most important item of them all) are found around museums and monuments. Poké Balls can be bought for hard cash, too.

Supposedly, Pokemon GO was only available on Australia and New Zealand at the moment but APK is available and being downloaded by thousands of people to be able to get the experience they have been waiting for.

Pokemon Go hands on

A small wrist-worn device called Pokemon GO Plus will also be released alongside the game. It works like a smart watch where it allows the players to know when a Pokemon appears without the need to take out their phones. But its release date does not coincide with the game’s release, so we will have to wait.This Pokemon GO Plus wrist watch cost $35. The application Pokemon GO is free but it does contain microtransactions costing $0.99 to $99.99.


Many fans who got to play the game already flooded the social medias with the pokemons they got such as charmander (the best starter you could ever have), squirtle, starmie, and so much more. I wonder what pokemon appears on my bedroom?

Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android devices. So don’t let yourself get behind and catch them all!


What do you think about it? Leave a comment below.

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