Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Cancelled for 2016 Release!

The previous updates regarding one of the biggest anime franchise in Japan “Tokyo Ghoul” was all good news for all the fans out there, awaiting for the latest season was a long time since the season 2 ended last year and we never heard anything about its future plans not until now..

I know you were very excited when you heard that the “Tokyo Ghoul” Season 3 was supposed to be released any time this year or as early as winter, but the latest news released might kill the excitement out of you.


The latest reports indicated that the season 3 will not be released this year but is aiming for March  2017. Yes, another year will have to go on the waiting than watching.Pre-production has not even started yet and the reason behind it is the lack of material. The “Tokyo Ghoul” manga, created by Sui Ishida, is a couple of chapters ahead and will not suffice for another 12-episode anime television adaptation, Christian Times reported.


Fans have been calling the attention of the people behind the franchise and ask for rebooting the show for its upcoming third season. We all know that the last two seasons deviated from the manga however one of the show’s writers says they wil stay true and stick to the manga for this new season. “This is perhaps the most disillusioning, psychological and darkest plot line that we will attempt to adapt.” he said.

He added, “We hope to remain as faithful as possible to the source material, although we cannot guarantee that more gory scenes such as Touka’s standardized exam test-taking will not be censored.”


The chance of releasing Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is really small but hopes are high that Ishida might have enough source materials to work on and make it to the scheduled date set from past reports.For all Kaneki’s fans, don’t lose hope! We will have the season 3 and it will blow our minds.



What do you think about this sad news?Leave a comment below.

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