Top 5 Animes You’ll Wish to NOT Have A Live-Action Remakes!

Ah, the popularity of animes being on the live-action industry is just starting to bloom, but the good reputation these famous animes being put to live-action remake sometimes lead to a great downfall. Dragon Ball Evolution was an epic failure, Speed Racer was Ugh!

Live-action remake isn’t bad really but for these very popular anime worldwide? The expectations are wide not only for the casting of the characters but to the whole movie itself. So, without further live-action trash talks and regrets to see a live-action films, here are the top 5 famous animes you and every single fans all over the world will wish to NOT have a live-action remake:

1. One Piece
Though rumors have spread that a Chinese production company confirmed making a live-action film of our straw hat pirate and his adventures (which was also confirmed to be a false update), many fans would wish that One Piece will never have a live-action remake. You may sail the whole acting industry to find actors for this movie but you wont find the perfect man to get the role of Luffy. Other updates have also stated that Japanese actor Masataka Kubota (Light Yagami from Death Note live-action) is the one who’s going to play the role if One Piece will enter the live-action remake industry.

2. Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk is one of the most popular anime of all time, you would surely think it will make a pretty easy live-action movie but the fans doesn’t think of it the same way. There is no need for heavy CGI to make this movie but that’s not the problem, the casting will.Slam Dunk became famous not only for girls but for the boys as well. And casting the pretty boys who doesn’t do well on basketball as much as the Slam Dunk characters do will totally ruin it for them.

3. Fate Stay Night/Series
Think of the epic battles with gorgeous effects and booming theme music in theaters. Fans will go nuts or not! I know how CGI have leveled up over the years but please don’t ruin the reputation this anime has made over the years.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion
These mecha anime will surely make a good spot for a live-action remake but its still on the wishlist for no live-action please! Not only the mecha aspect is being the candidate for ruining its legacy being in a live-action remake but also the psychological characters too.

5. Berserk
Berserk will be every medieval fantasy movie-goers dream come true if it makes it to a live-action movie, but when the reality hits you that live-action film won’t be able to pull off the same expectations you have in the anime- you will go berserk over it.



What popular anime do you wish to not have a live-action remake?Leave a comment below.


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