The Craziest Anime Characters You Need To Know!

Anime characters are distinguished and remembered by fans due to their unique personalities and how good they are on playing the role. And for some anime, there will always be that crazy person who belongs in the group or the outcast. But not all of them can be categorized as crazy, because some of these people, are the most psychotic person you will wish to never exist in real life.

Here is my top five craziest of anime characters ever existed in a random order:

Gasai Yuno( Mirai Nikki)
Meet the craziest yandere ever existed in anime. Some people would say oh no she is cute, she’s adorable, she’s a brave girl! It’s not whats outside that matters, its the monster lurking inside her that will make you feel looking into the eyes of hell. She is your dream girlfriend if being tied up and not allowed to go near any other girls is your thing. Yuno is obsessed with her man,she did kill EVERYBODY who wants to break them up.That’s a psychopath!


Sekai Saionji and Katsura Kotonoha ( School Days)
The girlfriend and the other girlfriend of a pervert boyfriend who ended up killing one another. Sekai killing her boyfriend and Katsura opened the stomach of Sekai just to prove she’s not pregnant is psychotic enough to put them on this list. Boys, better be careful with the consequences of cheating!



EVERYONE (Higurashi no naku koro ni)
Yes, everyone! If killing each other while having fun with it and I mean brutally killing them is not enough to call them psychos I don’t know what will.

higurashi no naku koro ni - 002

Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)
He is one of the sexiest man in anime but also have the strangest personality among all of them. His mood changes and killing anone he wants to depended on it. I don’t know if he is being creepy in a cool way or its just scary when he’s around.

hisoka teardropLight Yagami (Death Note)
This is one psychopath that mostly everyone finds it cool to think about. With a genius mind and a notebook to kill anyone you want anytime and anywhere( from criminals, into your friends, your father, and your girlfriend!), no wonder he would end up a psycho.





Who is the craziest anime character you know? Leave a comment below.


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