The Most Brutal Gore Anime You Don’t Want to Miss!

The most epic and brutal scenes is never impossible for anime. But sometimes, most of these brutal gore anime can get out of hand that sometimes it turns your stomach around and it’s just disgusting to look at. Blood, parts of the body thrown around, organs flying out of the body,guts!guts everywhere! it’s just damn right brutal.

They may be anime, but anime is very tricky in these types of scenes it would make you feel uncomfortable and lok like realistic inside. And as a reminder, this list is definitely not for kids! So if you are under 18, this is the part your parents would tell you to stop reading, and if you are 18 and above, my list is totally up to you to figure it out and watch it for yourself. This is is random order and I may not cater all the most brutal anime out there here, well, you are one big fan of gore if you know a lot, just saying.
1. Hellsing Ultimate OVA
This anime is mostly suggested by fans if you ask them what anime floods in blod and guts. And it is! This anime is about vampires, but if you are thinking it would be just like any other vampire anime out there, it’s not. Hellsing Ultimate will bring you a god look of how brutal it is with there spot on gore scenes with a plenty of ass-kicking action that will keep you panting for the enxt episodes.

2. Elfen Lied
Infamous for its bloody mess of gore, cruelty and nudity. A combination that could make many a person turn away, but still manages to lure fans to watch it and made this series popular among the most brutal anime ever.

3. Corpse Party
Corpse Party simply gives you glorious deaths, tragic deaths, accidents, loads of gore. And if you like all of this things happening inside a school campus with a dark atmosphere, this anime is definitely for you.

4. Another
Mystery and gore can be a good tandem that most people would definitely watch this brutal animes, and Another have both of this genres. Teachers killing himself without known reasons, students falling into the traps of death at any moment. Look it up and don’t close your eyes!

5. Gantz
Thought your life was bad? Sometimes, death is worse. Gantz is not for the faint-hearted, but neither is it as simple as it looks. Gore, rape, and violence is rampant, as are portrayals of greed, violence, and all the ugliness that one sees in society today.

Blood+, Deadman Wonderland, High School of the Dead, Mirai Nikki, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, these animes will surely give the blood and guts you want to see in an anime.


Did I miss your favorite gore anime? Leave a comment below.

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