Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie is Confirmed!!!

After the heartbreaking news of the popular animes such as One Punch Man being in hiatus, fans craving for news and updates regarding the Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 gets a news which you would probably think and say,”I didnt see that coming…oh yes, yes I did..”.

Yes, we still don’t have the news regarding the release or any updates if Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is coming or not but speculations says it is within our reach. But we did have a confirmation that a live-action movie is on the works for Tokyo Ghoul.


The said confirmation was seen in manga of Tokyo Ghouls :Re Volume 7 which hit the shelves last June 17, 2016. And more details of the planned live-action movie will come out sooner or later on Weekly Young Jump magazine.

I’m pretty sure expectations are high for the live-action film but for most popular animes who got a live-action before, we all know its enough to create a pretty decent adaptation, just saying… It’s not what fans have been waiting for but should we be excited about this? I think so but we still want our third season though.


With 14 volumes out in the first series and seven in the new one, there’s enough materials to use for the live-action movie. Though live-action movies of our favorite animes doesn’t really sell out or convince us its the best, I still think it’s still worth watching though. What else can we do since season 3 could possibly become a member of the hiatus club or not.

Future details is still kept hidden especially the cast to play the roles of the Tokyo Ghoul characters. I wonder if real Kaneki would deliver the same expectations we had with the anime one. Well, the interesting part of that is Ishida’s statement actually reveals that they have found the perfect guy to play the role of Kaneki Ken. I wonder who it is?


Let’s just hope for the best of the upcoming live-action movie of Tokyo Ghoul and its something to look forward to while waiting, and all we could wish for is they might not reach our expectations for the movie, but at least its something worth watching.
What do you think about this latest news? Leave a comment below.

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