Top 5 Worst Movies of All Time!

A film is a subjective medium that created the unlimited imagination of man ever since we can remember. What might be a very good movie to one viewer could also be the worst to another. There has never been a film that all viewers unanimously agree on,since most of us have different tastes,interests, and standards to what movie is good or bad. And sometimes, we watch movies depending on what mood we have on that certain moment, wether we want a good laugh , a good scare, and mostly into just want to watch action movies.

But there are certain movies that is ultimately unacceptable that most fans would definitely agree to be the worst movie that they have ever seen. And these movies are:

1. TROLL 2
Oh no they’re eating her then they’re going to eat me! OH MY GOD! Well, the title itself doesn’t make sense at all, why? It says TROLL 2! But do you see any trolls in the movie?No, you get elves and goblins instead. Maybe it’s the other TROLL they are referring to, if you know what I mean…

2. Jack and Jill
Adam Sandler was one of the funniest man I have known, but this movie was just too much for me. Adam playing two characters in one movie especially the retarded twin Jill (a woman) is not even funny in any angle you look at it.Maybe if they hired someone else to do the Jill, it would have helped the movie just to be bad and not the worst.

3. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
I love Superman! But this movie was the sole reason I understand why it took them 19 years to make Superman appear on movies again. The CGI effects was just bad, the plot is just terrible and out of order.

4. The Last Airbender
For fans of Avatar:The Last Airbender cartoons, you might think this movie will totally give it a real life “AWESOME” feels, but you are wrong! This gives you the opposite feels from what you are looking for, The Last Airbender was a mismatch of characters playing the roles, the effects and fight scenes was even dreadful.

5. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
The effects is just terrible in every point of the movie, the birds looked like puppets hanging and flying on the same spot.The plot is boring, and the characters doesn’t even convince anyone with their acting.




Honorable mentions are: High School Musical, The Room, Disaster Movie,Batman & Robin,Howard:The Duck,Son of the Mask,Fred: The Movie and all other movies worst than these ones.




Did we miss the worst movie you can think of? Leave a comment below.


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