Best Games That Will Let You Destroy Everything!

Video games can really help us release all the stress and anger from the reality of life. It serves as an escape to those unwanted stress and gives you an enjoyment anyone is looking for. And a great way to release all the tensions is playing video games, and what type of video games would that be? Well, video games that let’s you destroy just about everything you see in it and let’s you wreck your enemies with satisfaction.

Many gamers asked what games lets you destroy everything, we listed most of the games played by many players around the world and it’s up to you which one you would like to try:
1. Mercenaries 2
Ever get the feeling of anger with your friend and just wanted to take your heart out on a game, letting all the anger out to that character instead of your friend?This one is definitely for you! Here you can actually nuke your friends( your game friends not the actual one) and the destruction over everything is just phenomenal. You got tanks and helicopters to use and everything you see on the game is destructible. The game isn’t really top notch but it doesn’t matter, you get to wreck everything in your path!

2. Battlefield Bad Company 2
If you want to destroy pretty much everything on a warfare zone, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a good candidate to play. Having the reputation of success in terms of gameplay and destructibility, what more could you ask for? The whole game and destruction looks so realistic which makes it more fun to play.

If there’s a game so good at blowing stuffs, this is it. If you haven’t played this game, what are you waiting for? Nearly any building in the game can be blown apart.Breach puts destruction right smack dab in the middle.

4. Far Cry 2 & 3
Far Cry sequel may not be able to blow up buildings but still offer tons of destruction. How much fun would you feel torching fields of cocaine and blowing shit up. The destruction this game will give you is surely fun like no other.

5. Hulk Ultimate Destruction
We all know what Hulk can do, and you should not be surprised to see it on this list. On the game, you can be the ultimate living wrecking ball where you can break a car in half or just crush it on your hands, punch a hole in a building, it destroys everything!


Did we miss your favorite game that let’s you destroy everything? Let us know and leave a comment below.



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