Anime Images and GIFs You Wouldn’t Believe Exist!

Did you ever experienced searching for a certain anime on Google and you kept scrolling your mouse looking for good images and suddenly, WTF?! An image of your favorite anime character with the most out of this world poses or GIF and even worst..that’s up to you what type of worst you can think of.

And with this field of work, I have found a lot, and I mean A LOT of these type of images which somehow made me laugh, angry, and sometimes I can just say ,”Who ever did this will have to pay?!” And to share these thoughts of unexplainable emotions I felt looking on these images and GIFs, I thought maybe you would love to see them and share your thoughts about it.

One of them may get you feel uncomfortable, angry, annoyed or just happy watching it, but I warned you. So feast your eyes with the most disturbing and wonderful fan-arts gone wrong:


I don’t know what is happening with people’s mind right now, but after Dragon Ball Super being announced to be released soon, I still can’t figure and wanted to ask who ever made this image,”What were you thinking?!!” Pregnant Vegeta or Vegeta just ate Majin Buu?!


Ohh look at that, Kakashi just bust the moves on his students future wife! Way to go Sensei!


Oh would you lok at that, after hitting on Hinata, he was not hapy enough and made a home run with one of his student, Sakura. You are a true Hokage Kakashi!


Wow, that will definitely need more than a bag of ice to numb the pain after that nonstop beating of his “manhood”.


Look at how Luffy nails it, I’m sorry Beyonce. Take a look at the next Youtube sensation. This GIF would make a good laugh for One Piece fans.

large (1)

I would never, ever want a bunny like this one! Blood-C anime gave me nightmares and this GIF surely gives you an image of what to expect.She was eaten in half with her eyes still wide open.So disturbing!

That’s all the images and GIFs I can share for now, if you have an image or GIF you think is more disturbing or gone so wrong in any way, don’t hesitate to share it with us. I still want to give credits to the wide imagination of anime fans on creating this type of masterpiece. Even if it means making a GIF showing off a bunny eating a woman.

What do you think about this images and GIFs? Leave a comment below.


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