Super-Saiyan Goku Will Appear on One Punch Man Season 2?

Speculations have spread over the internet these past few weeks which shows the fans of One Punch Man asking for an anime cross-over with the all-time favorite Goku, the super-saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. The question is, will it happen?maxresdefault (2)

A cross-over manga of One Punch Man and Dragon Ball Z was already released a few months ago but Saitama was not able to meet the ultimate saiyan, he faced off with Vegeta and the other DBZ characters instead. The sparring between Vegeta and Saitama was said to be a “draw”.Fan-fictions and fan-made videos is everywhere since the latest season two of One Punch Man have been delayed and the fans couldn’t sit and wait for it. It even got into a wild speculation that Goku will make a special appearance in the second season of One Punch Man!


A cross-over anime episodes of the two biggest franchises anime ever made is either going to be epic or a decision-making battle for our one punch hero. On the other hand, instead of being sarcastic that this would happen ( because it can be possible if the people behind this two anime will agree), let’s weigh in the possibilities if ever it happens.

Most people say that if the One Punch Man versus Goku does happen, Saitama will win. Why? Ever since the very first episode of One Punch Man, we have seen him battle the most powerful mutants, aliens and others without even being serious about it. So imagine his power if he takes it seriously with Goku? Do you think he would win if that happens?


On the other hand, Goku won against Freeza, a planet destroyer, and then Cell and Majin Buu that are solar system destroyers. Saitama never destroyed a planet yet but we all know that his power all goes down in the end with his one punch. We have already seen the ultimate saiyans inside Goku and the power he has, but Saitama was not even able to break a sweat during his fihgts and his ultimate power was still not revealed so its too early to tell.

And there was still no confirmations yet if the super-saiyan Goku does make a special appearance on the upcoming second season of One Punch Man, but I’m pretty sure that the chances of him being the enemy is a 40 out of 100%. What if they help out each other in a battle right? Maybe this could be the most awesome battle our One Punch Man hero is looking for.I guess we will have to wait until the second season is release or any further updates if the speculations is true; if it is, its gonna be epic for the anime world.




What do you think about this update? Leave a comment below.


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