Most Hated Anime Series According to Polls from Fans!

We all know that we cant please everyone and we cant love everything, anime world is never an excemption on that one. There are anime that brought us a memorable experience, a good laugh and feels, and there are those who just cant get off our head for being the worst anime we have watched and became enlisted on the most hated animes we watched ever!

And this hated anime we have can sometimes be the most lved anime for other people. Like I said, we all have a different perspective of what’s good or not. But I did a little research and survey among our fans and asked them on what anime can you consider as “the most hated anime ever”. Some of you may come to agree with the list and some of you may not.


This list of hated anime was considered from the animation, to their characters, the story-line and everything that goes between which puts it all together to becoming hated by other people. So let’s get on with this list and get this over with:


1. Boku No Pico
One of the most considered one of the most “HATED” anime of all time, Boku No Pico has become popular not because its good but became a sarcastic approach and a joke for people who suggests anime for beginners (which is so wrong ). Its hentai and yaoi, but if you haven’t watched it yet, Im not sure you would love to see it again even if you’re a big fan of yaoi.

2. Pupa
Censored scenes to its worst level, Pupa was never shy to show violence and profanity. But the censored scenes are annoying and really gets me irritated. The storyline is even worst than what you expected it to be.

3. School Days
One of themost popularly mentioned when you ask the most hated anime they have ever seen. School Days is not your ordinary cutie girls in their high school uniforms, no. Its all about how a boy cheats on girls and have sex whenever he wants to whoever he loves to, so messed up!!

4.Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako
If you are looking for an anime you would totally hate it will help you level up the boredom you feel, watch this anime! Waste your 50 minutes of time watching this girl sleeping! Yes, no walk, no run, no school or anything else, just sleeping!

5. Bakugan battle Brawlers
This is just as bad as any bad anime you ever watched!Big time! It’s a total rip off on Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh combined. Repetetive use of monsters, its corny and annoying. A kid may love watching it but growing up and realizing how bad it is, I won’t be surprised.



Tell us your most hated anime series? Leave a comment below.


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