Most F*cked Up Anime You Will Ever Watch

Anime shows can sometimes reveal the most fucked up( did I say that out loud? Oh well..) story lines ever told in history. These shows are sometimes being incest in such a wrong way, nudity taken to the next level, and all the fucked up things you could ever imagine and watch. You may not believe they exist, but they do. And they are actually pretty much popular to some people who likes the different approach taken by the anime series.
The list I have taken down below will surely hit your list as well for the most fucked up (I’m sorry for such language) anime ever existed. If your curiousity takes you to the temptations of watching them, goodluck! And if you decide to NOT watch it at all and just take a peek of the reviews and comments taken after this, you will probably make the right decision on that.

This fucked up animes does not necessarily mean they’re too ugly to handle, or unacceptable but most of it are taken to the core of next level weirdness, very inappropriate for some and sometimes you would probably say, Thank God it only exist in anime!(You might think again, we never know).

1. Seikon No Qwaser
If there’s only one thing weirder of being kinky in so many ways, this is the one! Why? The main protagonist gets his powers from sucking milk from women’s breast.There, I said it! Babies do that, but for the sake of power?Really!

2. Boku No Pico
Oh my god, you agree with me?! Im hearing a huge crowd cheering to see this on the list. Why is it fucked up weird? Well, at first look you might not expect something weird but as the story goes, you might not want to watch it ever again..Unless you want a straight up hentai with little boys with mature ones!

3. Kodomo no Jikan
As the list goes weirder by the moment, this makes it worst. Most incest anime would feature little girls being so shy and so angelic, well this one is different! Would you believe that a 7 year old girl could totally black-mails her teacher for doing what she wants!!

4. Kiss X Sis
This is just straight-up lewdness on the highest degree, and the closest thing to hentai you’ll ever find without actually crossing the line.A guy named Keita and his two step sisters Ako and Riko doing horny and perverted things to each other around the clock, solely because they want to.Total incest you will ever see.

Kiss Sis Wallpaper 09
5. Yosuga No Sora
First of all, lets make things clear. THERE ARE SEX SCENES WITHIN THIS SERIES!! If you are looking for the best incest there is that anime has to offer, I guess this is what you need to see. Not only they are brother and sister but twins! Yes, you will see these twins doing some actions(if you know what I mean) and some other more girls involve with this man all throughout the series.



Did I miss an anime you think is so fucked-up? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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