One Punch Man Season 2: Stumps the World with Excitement!

Even before the released of One Punch Man, it has been destined to reach new heights of massive fans and popularity all over the world, and right after its release, it dominated all anime fans around the globe!And with a franchise’s massive fan base, I wouldn’t be surprised that the upcoming second season will break the ratings and the social media. For being awesome that is! However, the storyline for the second season is sill a big question for all.


For the avid followers of the manga, many fans have speculated that the second season will follow the Hero Hunter Arc for this season. In that arc, the Hero Association finds itself under the threat of an unfamiliar enemy in the form of Garou, a man who has taken it upon himself to destroy the strongest heroes, and the Monster Association, the Hero Association’s darker counterpart. Currently, the original manga is in the middle of an extremely important arc, which saw Saitama facing off with his strongest enemy to date, Garou, who manages to make Lord Boros look like a foot soldier. The clash of the two human monsters, Saitama and Garou, was indeed a spectacle to watch (how much more if we could see it live in anime).


But another speculation is also notable to be a very important one and also an interesting part for our titular character Saitama, his past. Yes, we have all witnessed during the first season of  how Saitama decided to become a hero but never how he became the monster he is now (And the past will actually cover how Saitama trained from different places with his hair intact(see picture on top), how exciting would it be to see how he turned to be the bald hero right?). It is also rumored that the second season will have 19 episodes compared to the 12 of the first season. It is also rumored once more that if it won’t be released this May, then maybe before the year ends(what a long wait?).


Well, for the anime’s high rising reputation, no pressure to the creators and production,right? But they have assured the fans that the wait will be worth it because the One Punch Man Season 2 is a worthy title to watch. Saitama, we will await for your return!



Are you a fan of One Punch Man? Leave a comment below and tell us why.


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