Will We Ever See BLEACH Return this 2016?

It was already a decade that passed since Tite Kubo‘s Bleach was among the most popular anime franchise in the world raging debates on social media and forums with Naruto and One Piece on who is the best shounen or most popular shounen mega-hit. But things got different until now. Naruto never lost its glorious fan-base since it ended and is still on-going after Boruto came out, One Piece is gaining more popularity ever than before and we could conclude it could easily pull off another decade of adventures. Bleach,on the other hand, was a full-blown has-been, now only subsists of its glory days.

It is well past its expiration date, yet it continues to grind on, sluggishly approaching its conclusion on a seemingly parabolic trajectory. The manga’s volume sales have dwindled, the anime was cancelled several years ago, fan-based have sunked down and gave up. But how did it really came to this point?People have dropped the series in droves because the story actually came to a point where it should have ended…and didn’t.


Well, one answer is “the series got bad”, yes it did. Ever since the first arc of Bleach started, the antagonist of the series, Aizen was the main reason fans have been dying to follow the manga and anime for several years until Ichigo finally got the chance to face Aizen( fans heralded him as the greatest manga/anime villain in recent memory). Aizen brought the sense of direction to the overall plot of the series and a loy of people got what they were waiting for, Aizen Versus the Soul Reaper Community. The climax was just amazing, the battles was mind-blowing, many popular characters come and go, everyone expected the most unforgettable ending they wanted, but sadly, it didn’t end there. And several years later, it was all filler episodes,Aizen lost all the qualities of being the villain that captivated fans, Bleach stopped focusing on its popular hearoes and ruined its most popular villain.


How will Bleach retain its former glory? Well, if Bleach comes back for their fans, the come back would mean the final arc from the manga, Bleach Final Arc: The Thousand-Year Blood War. Will all the questions be answered in this arc? I don’t know. Will we ever see the popular characters from before?We will have to wait and see. Will we ever get to see the Bankais (Byakuya, real one; Urahara, Ukitake, Aizen, Yoruichi, hell her shikai would be nice!; Isshin,etc.) again? I also ask the same thing. This possibility of a comeback may happened later mid-2017 after the manga ends.So the rumors of coming back this year is not even close from happening.But if it is true or not, I guess we will have to wait for its updates again.


If you were on of those people who dropped Bleach right after the battle with Aizen, rest assured it was the right decision you ever made!



What do you think about it?Leave a comment below.

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