“Onara Goro”: The Talking FART Anime!

Anime films can sometimes go farther out of the box to something you wouldn’t expect our imagination could take, and I am sure that you are asking yourself if the title above is true, yes, it does exist and is actually going to be released this July 2016.

When you think of farts,its very common that you might want to cover your nose, just in case. Animated shows can come from the endless imagination we have but who ever expected to have one who tackles about farts?


Idiosyncratic animator Takashi Taniguchi has revealed that his latest project will be a short-form TV anime about an anthropomorphic (nonhuman things with human characteristics) fart entitled Onara Goro. So imagine your fart having human characteristics? Imagine your fart having facial features who almost looks like you. And you can talk to it too, ask for an advice if you want to.

The series is described as an “everyday heartful comedy” so its going to be a fun show, I think. I still can’t imagine myself talking to a fart,can you? There is not much details given about Taniguchi’s latest project but it will broadcast weekly in a 5 minute time frame on KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) beginning in July of 2016.

Onara Gorō follows the everyday life of Gorō, the “most admirable of farts,” as he solves problems in ways that only a fart can. If you are asking how he smells, we never know.

download (2)


Onara Gorō has already participated in several collaborations and merchandise plans including a free 3D model in the MikuMikuDance animation program, an appearance in the ARAPPLI AR communication app, and a pair of underwear bearing Gorō’s likeness.
For the fans of Tanaguchi’s works, Im pretty sure you will enjoy watching “Onara Goro”. Another work that Takashi Taganuchi famous for is Mori no Ando (“Ando of the Forest”). You can check it out to get a taste of the visual styles of Taganuchi.


What do you think about this anime?Leave a comment below.


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