Things That You Need To Know About “Attack on Titan Season 2”

Yes, there will be a second season for one of Japan’s biggest franchise “Attack on Titan”. But the question is, When? The Attack on Titan anime gained a loyal cult after the season one was released introducing everyone to the frightening world living with Titans.


If I remember it right, the first season of Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) first premiered three years ago.Yes, three years of waiting and hoping for a flash of light that a season two is coming sooner or later. Here is the top five news and updates we know about the second season to come:

1. The production company have ostensibly been waiting for the manga to catch up, the manga still haven’t done much progress. The first season has four arcs in the manga which made 25 episodes run in the anime series,and the second one only got 2 arcs. Many speculations have spread over websites that the second season will deviate from the manga itself, but clearly it won’t. Why make such delay for the anime to go a second season if it isn’t sticking to the manga right?
2. You might be asking what is the cause of delay?Good question. Well, Wit Studio have decided to prioritize and focus on the on going anime “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” which premiered last April 23. So the brilliant creator Hajime Isayama of Attack on Titan will have enough time to continue working on the manga.
3. Warning:Spoilers ahead! Reports state that the real royal family is actually the Reiss family, and that just like Eren Jaeger, have the innate ability to transform into titans. If fans remember, some of Jaeger’s former comrades also had the ability to trans mutate into titans (i.e. Reiner Braun and Bertolt).Arguably, the biggest spoiler released so far is that Krista Lenz’s actual name is Historia Reiss; making her part of the royal Reiss family, and making her another character that can turn into a titan.Two words: Titan Shifters! You never saw that coming didn’t you?

4. After the mysterious ending of the first season, it was also speculated that the second season will pick up where the first season ended. Moving the attention to Hanji trying to solve the mystery revealed that the WALLS was actually made of Titan corpses. Imagine that?
5. Clearly there has been a lot of speculations and rumors from the fans, we can’t blame them right? But we are sure that the second season will give us more ideas of the Titans and the political situation uncovering the conspiracies that connects the government to the Titans origin.



We know that the second season will be as exciting and intriguing as the first one, each of us can’t wait any longer than three years! Oh, did I tell you Attack on Titan is set to released by mid July or August this year? Yes, it will!


What do you think about these news?leave a comment below.


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