“Hunter X Hunter” Manga Series is Set to Release this June!

The two years of hiatus that fans of “Hunter X Hunter” has become a cliff-hanging hope that the manga will still continue after the last announcement that Yoshihiro Togashi needs to rest due to health problems. The promise of a week long rest turned into months, and months into years, giving the fans the hopeless thoughts to ever read the new volume of “Hunter X Hunter”. It was so close that the books and magazine stores in Japan decided at one point to sell all their remaining “Hunter X Hunter” volumes in package sale for only $59.Yes, all the fans have realized at one point that the manga has already defunct and will become one of the best manga series who never made it to the ending.


But as they say,”there’s always a rainbow after the rain”. And guess what? The rain has ended and the rainbow has never been more beautiful for all “Hunter X Hunter” fans all over the world. The Weekly Shonen Jump issue has formally announced that the long-awaited “Hunter X Hunter” manga returns.


The Volume 32 of the manga was last released way back in December 2012 by Shueisha and in April 2014,the same material was released by Viz Media, the largest anime and manga series publisher and distributor in North America. Two years is a long time, and for all “Hunter X Hunter” fans out there, better freshen up your mind from the last volume because Gon’s adventures is just about to get more exciting. The manga will pick up right where the previous issue left, the Dark Continent Arc.


Yoshihiro Togashi may have left the fans disappointed in that 2 years of waiting but he never failed us. The strong commitment of fans have paid-off and it gets even better, Why? Well, the “Hunter X Hunter” 351 entitled “Death Match” is the reason why. It is said to profit in a sky high basis after leaving the fans craving to finally see what’s next for Gon and his friends. Thank you Yoshihiro Togashi!




The fans in Japan will be the very first ones to get their hands on the newest volume of “Hunter X Hunter” because the date is set for its official release this coming June 3, 2016. The followers in United States and other parts of the world will have to wait for further updates regarding the new volume’s international shipping.
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