Top 5 Most Popular Leading Men in Anime!

The fairy tale endings in anime is clearly more satisfying and dreamy than other things. And honestly, I admire the leading men of anime than the prince who comes riding in a white horse from Disney( no offense). They gives us that pumping heart on our eyes every time we look at them or their manliness gives a nice perception for every men to look up to.

Shoujo anime has become very popular over time and this animes has been imprinted on our minds not only because of their love story, but also on how these characters captured our hearts. And the female protagonist is always paired with someone who can be a total opposite of her, or someone she wouldn’t expect to fall in love with.

A leading lady wouldn’t without her knight and shining armor right? But not every leading men are unforgettable, not each of them are idolized by many, and not of them sells out to the hearts of the fans. So, why don’t we take a look back on the most popular and top leading men in anime:

1. Takumi Usui – Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Kaichou wa Maid-sama is one of the most popular and beloved shoujo anime of all time, no surprise there. And Takumi Usui is definitely a leading man worth every girl’s dream come true. He looks cold and nonchalant but is actually sweet and caring, he is smart and talented too. He is one of the most handsome guys in Maid-sama universe and is very popular not only from his high school.

2.Mabuchi Kou- Ao Haru Ride
He was once sweet,gentle and cute main protagonist who became cold, rude and sarcastic (well,being more manly) after his disappearance in Ao Haru Ride. But watching the anime gives us the proof that a caring, handsome tsundere is always the coolest.

3. Tamaki Suoh – Ouran High School Host Club
Was it just me or Tamaki totally looks like Takumi Usui’s brother that I wouldn’t be surprise if I learn that they are brothers?No? Oh well. He can be stubborn and naive at times but his amiable and cheerful personality(plus the good looks taking it to a whole new level), any girl would totally fall for him.

4. Kurosawa Yamato – Sukitte Ii na yo/Say “I Love You”

Hey, Kurosawa is totally handsome and no one can deny that. He can be a flirt some times(well most of the times)but how he truly cares for Mei is admirable. He is one of the truly attractive male leading man ever created in anime.


5. Sata Kyouya – Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
I have always dream that Sata was my boyfriend sadly Erika needs him more so I’m letting him go. Most on our list are the most handsome and all the good personalities every leading man must have but Sata Kyouya is one of the most beautiful jerk I have ever known. Being a short-tempered sadist was really annoying to bear at the beginning but later on he became the most caring tsundere boyfriend we loved.

Well, girls have different standards for a prince charming material, but in the end, we always dream of someone like all the other leading men who existed in anime wishing that somewhere in real life, a man like Takumi or someone like Mabuchi is waiting for you. Good luck with that!
Who is your top five leading men in shoujo anime? Let us know and leave a comment.


  1. I’m not sure if you’ve read L-dk yet. I’m not sure if there is an anime of it yet but Kugayama Shusei sure as hell deserves to be on that list. He’s another one of these heart snatching bastards that we die to watch . I’d surely recommend you to read the manga if you haven’t yet. It’s one of my favs . Also your list is absolutely and undeniably correct. Can never get enough if these people.


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