Meet Ebichu: The Housekeeping Hamster/ Love Guru!!

Warning: The following GIFS and images is not suitable for work. But if you insist, read on!

Who doesn’t love hamster as a pet? Hamsters has become popular pets all over the world because it’s so darn cute and adorable. But those hamsters you know is not even close to the hamster I’m about to introduce to you. Meet Ebichu, the housekeeping hamster!  Oruchuban Ebichu is based on a comic series of the same name by Risa Itou, targeted at adult women and with notoriously graphic-yet-goofy humor.


Ebichu the hamster seems like the perfect house pet: she cleans, shops, cooks, does laundry, and anything to please her master, Goshujin-sama mostly known as “Office Lady” (OL), a single 25-year old woman office lady that’s so desperate to get married soon. Unfortunately, OL and her unfaithful layabout useless boyfriend named Kaishonachi ( literally means “useless”), combined with Ebichu’s uncontrollable exuberance and love for ice cream, often earn her severe and bloody punishment. However, Ebichu doesn’t seem to mind the abuse if she achieves her goal of making her beloved master a little bit happier.


Ebichu is not your ordinary hamster who runs around her cage all day, and she’s not just into housekeeping too. Did you really think this anime gives you the life of a pet?No! She is one dirty-minded hamster who doesn’t want anything else but to make her master happy( even though the poor hamster gets beaten up brutally).Well, her master doesn’t really do anything much but go crazy with her boyfriend and spread her legs for him even though he leaves her right after that and gets back whenever he wants to. Yes, spread her legs and go wild in bed.


The cute and naive hamster does everything to make her master happy and find the man she can marry but the poor hamster kind a mess things up for her and gets beaten up every single day,every single moment her master feels doing so. But Ebichu doesn’t surrender and stays positive as she can be.


It will give you a sexually explicit slice-of-life comedies that you will never have to look at hamsters the same way ever again. This is a perverse anime at its best! You really don’t need to take it seriously, every episode is different from the other ones so I’m sure you would laugh to your content on how ridiculously funny this anime is.

What do you think about Oruchuban Ebichu?Leave a comment below.

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