Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: The Good News and The Bad!

Before we get so excited and hyped after learning that a SEASON 3 is on the works for one of the most popular anime and manga “Tokyo Ghoul”, you do know that if there’s a good news in hand a bad news is probably behind to follow. So please relax yourself and prepare for the worst (if ever there is) that you may read below.

Yes,FUNimation Entertainment CEO Gen Fukunaga previously revealed that “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 is on its way, it is confirmed! Very surprising yet such a good news right? A lot of fans have been anticipating for a season 3 since last year and it was not until now that it has finally been confirmed. And it is set to release any time this summer but there has been news regarding a delay.


“Ever since we began simulcasting the anime series last year, fans of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ have been clamoring for a mobile game. With season two now finished and three set for 2016, the anticipation for the game has only grown higher,” Fukunaga said, according to Crossmap.

Here is the bad news, for the avid fans of the series, you know how the feeling of how worst it was watching the season 2 which totally deviated from the whole story in the manga and which also resulted to confusions and debates of fans all over the world. Wish yourself that it won’t happen in season 3?Oops, too late! It’s going to.You’re probably saying,What???


There has been rumors around the social media and communities that the season 3 will also deviate from the manga.No way!! Who agrees with me?! If the new season will not follow the story line of the manga, the ratings of “Tokyo Ghoul” is going down! Fans has already been disappointed in season 2, I expect that the new season will stick to the manga, and will become as good as it first started.


For the new comers and never have any idea what the anime is about,”Tokyo Ghoul” is a suspense horror/dark fantasy manga set in Tokyo, Japan created by Sui Ishida. The city is haunted by ghouls whose means of living is by eating people. They look like human-beings and are hard to distinguish. The story begins with Ken Kaneki meeting Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul, who wishes to devour him.However, Rize fails while Kaneki is left injured. An organ transplant was conducted to Kaneki using Rize’s vital organs, which resulted to Kaneki turning into a ghoul.It is an epic anime series you don’t want to miss!
P.S: Expect to see more of the amnesiac Kaneki for the new season!

What do you think about this news?Leave a comment below.


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